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The creator of StampImage, William Van Veen, is an accomplished painter and photographer, who for many years had an avid interest in philately (the collection of postage stamps). His artistic talents and good eye for composition both contribute to his ability to produce these unique StampImage products.

What is StampImage? StampImage is a very unique collage art form that displays a defined topic or theme in an artful way using authentic postage stamps and original articles (no copies) and an appropriate watercolour background to enhance the over-all exhibit. Each watercolour has a signature perforated edge that clearly identifies the art as an original StampImage collage. Examples can be viewed at the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-Operative gallery.

These collages are all original pieces of art. “Every One An Original” means no collage will ever be copied or reproduced. Every StampImage is clearly authenticated with an embossed StampImage logo pressed into the artwork to guarantee the work to be an original piece.

Made-to-Order StampImage Collages This has truly become a StampImage specialty. Creating personalized custom-made collages has proven over and over again to be a very special gift for the recipient. From celebrating milestones such as birthdays to retirements, this art can be a very thoughtful gift depicting a person’s life or family history for example, or hobbies, interests or profession. A StampImage collage indeed makes for a very special one-of-a-kind gift. Inquires can be made through the gallery or with the artist himself.


Contact Information:

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