GS392-for 4 x 6
22087 (0,14,12,-5,-5,0)
13 (-4,13,9,-1,-6,-15)
3511-no sign
EUSA-79 (8,5,1,-9,-5,9)
3284 P.E. 4x6
122-20 (WUSA-27)
14028 50x26
8060-4 x 6
Telfer Wegg was born and raised on a dairy farm in Ontario’s York County and has a degree in agriculture from the University of Guelph. He has resided in the Grey County village of Neustadt since 1969 and welcomes visits to his home and studio at 729 Queen Street.
   Telfer’s photographic work includes many local images together with scenes from across North America and 52 countries around the world. Although most of his photographs interpret the natural world, others reflect man’s role in the forming of our landscape. His farm background and education give him a respect for the traditions of rural life and an eye for the light and texture which create compelling outdoor compositions.
   In recent years, Telfer’s professional emphasis has shifted to self-publishing, with five regional books produced featuring his own photographs. Recent photographic projects have been developed with books in mind. His latest hard cover publication features Ontario agriculture and was released in early 2017.
   Now with over 25,000 digital images and 4,800 scans of older slides on his computer, he is well equipped to continue to provide stock photography for publication. In addition, he also markets postcards, greeting cards and framed photos both privately and through the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op and other selected Ontario outlets.



          P.O. Box 36, Neustadt, ON N0G2M0
          729 Queen Street, Neustadt
          (519) 799-5325