Timothy Smith
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Timothy Smith has been making pots since 1986. He has owned and worked at Gleason Brook Pottery since late in 1998. He has been a member of the Artists’ Co-op since 2001.

Timothy works with stoneware clay that he fires in his gas kiln at his studio in Oxenden, just outside Wiarton, Ontario. He works purely in the area of functional pottery and uses a variety of subtle and beautiful glazes, including celadon, temmoku, cobalt blue, iron red and shino. He regularly makes everything from wee salt bowls up to honking big salad bowls.

Contact information:

Timothy P Smith
070527 Zion Church Road
Georgian Bluffs, Ontario
N0H 2T0
Ph. (519) 534 3222
e-mail: gleasonbrookpottery@gmail.com
website: www.gleasonbrookpottery.com