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September/October – Annual Pottery Show


Chris Hierlihy: Chris Hierlihy is a functional potter. His pots feature curious and surprising images including trees, bicycles and dinosaurs. The strong beautiful glazes and stoneware clay create durable pots that are meant to be used daily. His work is entirely created by him, in his Guelph Studio.


Murray Fox: Murray Fox was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario, and  spent many of his summers on the beaches of Southampton, Sauble and Chesley Lake.

The bright, vibrant colours of the beach can be found reflected in much of Murray’s pottery.  Brilliant turquoises and sunny yellows are paired with earthy oranges and bronze tones to create pieces which showcase his love of the sun, sand and water.

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Melanie Earl: Melanie Earle has been drawing and painting since she was thirteen years old. She also attended summer art courses at the Banff School for the Arts. While mostly painting and making sculpture, her work is inspired by the natural world. After graduating from OCAD in 1985, she helped found and became a member of an artists’ collective called “Republic”. She was involved in this group for around four years, showing and organizing shows in Toronto.

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Steve Irvine: “I started making pottery in 1968, and attended Sheridan College School of Design from 1971-74 as a ceramics major. In 1974 I started my studio on the Bruce Peninsula. After decades working as a production potter, I now focus mostly on one-of-a-kind and gallery pieces.”

Arcana Clay Collective: Shawna studied printmaking and design at The Ontario College of Art, but hadn’t explored clay until 2020. With time to be creative and the challenge of a new medium, clay became her focus. Exploring handbuilding and wheel techniques, Shawna’s focus is surface design and creating one of a kind, usable pieces.


Sherry Dresser: Sherry lives with her husband in beautiful Norfolk County and has been working with clay for more than twenty years.  Her passion for ceramics led to a home studio where she creates a wide range of pottery.  Each piece is hand crafted, whether it’s a beautiful custom made dinnerware set or one of her many ornament collections.  Sherry strives to find the balance between form and design that reflect the beauty in everyday life.  Through the exploration of smoke and raku firing methods, her work has evolved to include award-winning sculptures and two publications by Lark Ceramics.


Theresa Dinsmore: Drawing inspiration from my surroundings, my artistic style has been cultivated by my love of nature, travel and family.  My journey into the pottery world began in 2003 when I was gifted an introductory course at Mohawk College. I immediately fell in love with the creative process, and quickly moved on to complete the pottery program at the college. Since then, I have opened my own home studio in the Village of Mount Pleasant where I create pieces that are wheel-thrown; functional, food safe, hand built, or decorative raku pottery. I am always working towards perfecting my forms and advancing my throwing. I enjoy incorporating modern styles and colour trends into my work as well as experimenting with glazes.

Chris Snedden: Chris Snedden has been a potter for over 40 years in London. Currently, Chris continues to produce his award winning work, and share his love of clay with

students. His work explores our inner landscape, and he is inspired by our relationships with, each other, our gardens, and wildlife.

Elly Pakanis: Elly Pakalnis’ interest in pottery began with admiring other potter’s work and then taking the challenge of creating functional ware in clay.  Her signature matte turquoise glaze adorns many of her wares.  In contrast, she also applies a variety of decorative techniques on her pieces.  Her aim is to stay and play with clay.

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