#8. Bumble Bee Oil Bottles
#8 Small Oval Platter in Grey
#5. Canning Jar Bulb Forcers
#1. Flared Serving Bowl

I began working full time with clay in 1994 while apprenticing at Cunningham Pottery studio in Des Moines, Iowa.  I received my BFA from NSCAD in Halifax, where I majored in ceramics with a focus on slip and maiolica glazing techniques.  After working as a Continuing Education instructor and Ceramics Technician, I began running my own studio as a production potter.  In 1998, after starting my business I set up our workshop and home in the village of Neustadt, Ontario which is located in Grey County.

For the past 20years my focus has been on making decorated functional pottery.  When I am creating I try to make the surface feel fresh and rich in colour.  My pieces are intended to be used and enjoyed in a domestic environment so I keep forms generally simple while being considerate of weight, attention to detail and surface form relationship.  I draw cues from historical models and inject contemporary ideas/innovations.

I always strive for the work to contain the energy and enthusiasm that each piece receives.

Contact Information:

519 799-5781
464 Jacob St.
Neustadt, ON. NOG 2MO