From an early age Debbie has always loved art. She was in­uenced by her father David Crow, an award-winning water-colourist. As a child she loved to paint and illustrate, and was often found in the art room during high school. Upon graduating from the Illustration and Design program at Sheridan College in 1983, she pursued a career as a freelance illustrator, before operating a full-service marketing firm in Waterloo for 30 years.

Once she retired, Debbie continued her passion as an artist. In 2020, Debbie fell in love with and purchased a property north of Wiarton. Living in a 200 year old log cabin you can usually find her in her studio, walking her dogs and exploring the Bruce with her partner Dan.

She enjoys painting diverse subject matter and explores many styles. She paints primarily in acrylics, and enjoys experimenting with mixed media. Debbie enjoys painting scenes from everyday life and adventures, and is especially drawn to the landscapes in the Bruce Peninsula. She equally enjoys painting urban cityscape scenes and incorporating  figures. She is fascinated by the effect of light and shadow and the relationship they have on colour, tone and value. It’s a constant challenge to capture in paint the dynamics of energy and mood.  There is so much in the world that intrigues and inspires her as an artist!