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A lifelong resident of Grey County, currently a resident at A Brush With Words, a four acre property located in the suburbs of Massie, Municipality of Chatsworth with partner, landscape artist and sculptor, Peter John Reid.

In the past has often been a guest artist at the Owen Sound Artists’ Coop, now a full-time member. Work can also be found at Matilda Swanson Gallery in Clarksburg, Southampton Gallery, Woodhouse Gallery in Port Dover, Millpond Gallery in Cargill  and Arts on Ten in Flesherton.

Visual work reveals a preference for items that most people pass by without a second glance; things that are often old and have fallen into decay – the aged patina of blistered paint and skewed structures. A loose, free flowing style leans toward the abstract but still has a clear story to tell. Through brush strokes on the canvas, conveys the beauty in the simple things and transcends them to another level.

A certified yoga instructor, strives to invoke  reverence for life into art, from the area’s plethora of everyday miracles.

Being an artist – the written not so much as the visual – is a life of solitude and being given the opportunity to share work is a way to attempt to connect with others. It’s an opening of the doors to the soul and initiating an invitation to one’s personal world.