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Georgian Bay beach stones, colourful paper decoupage and lead-free silver solder combine as ‘canvas’, primary design element and framework in my original, one of a kind jewellery. Though my first pieces came from experimentation in making something different for myself, the current and ever-evolving line that is now Bella Grey really grew from a not-so-distant time when my life was filled with uncertain and challenging personal circumstances. In response, I gave myself full permission to include time in my life for creative play and fulfilling activities, in turn designing a new and positive vision for my future and opening up incredibly expanded connections to the world around me.

My jewellery is very much symbolic of the positivity, strength and resilience I discovered through those experiences, as well as a reflection of my love of colour, design and nature. I just love that one of my primary materials is actually a piece of the beautiful environment in which I am so lucky to live…finding inspiration in something as seemingly insignificant as a stone on a beach still excites me and, as is evidenced in many of the recurring design motifs that I use, so many natural elements of rural life in Grey County find their way into my jewellery.

Lacking any formal training, I think of myself as merely an artistic experimenter, attempting to combine materials that capture my interest and end up with something that is pleasing to me. The unique texture, shape and contour of each stone, the uniquely fragmented image of each paper snippet I use, all continue to inspire me to create my whimsical and organic Bella Grey adornments and share them with others in the hope that they will also carry that playful, lighthearted positivity and source of inner strength with them.

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Karen Cameron