Jane Dunphy

Jane Dunphy works from her home in Owen Sound. She has two young children and is married to an Owen Sounder. Originally from Ottawa, she studied textiles, sculpture at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. She makes hand tufted wool area rugs and the felted goods you see here.

How it’s made:

Jane discovered felting when she accidentally put her favourite sweater in the dryer. Since then she has refined the process a little. She is a “wet” felter. Using warm soapy water and gentle agitation the wool fibres are entangled – called felting. This is followed by the fulling process which uses hot water and aggressive handling to shrink the fibres, making a very dense and durable cloth. With patience and a gentle touch, the wool fibres can be worked into the weave of another cloth, such as silk or cotton, or made to “grab” threads or bits of yarn – this is called Nuno felting.

Jane uses the finest Merino wool, pure silk, cotton and incorporates silk threads, vintage scarves and old silk ties into her felt.

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