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Potter, Kevin Wain and his wife, Corina have been operating Earthen Vessels Pottery in the heart of Grey County now for over 20 years. His main line of work is functional stoneware in five different glaze colours. In their studio/store, just north of Durham,(off highway 6) you can find anything from bowls & teapots to unique tea bag holders. But his signature piece is a one-of-a-kind ‘TreeVase’, hand sculpted to look every bit the same as the real thing. Kevin draws his inspiration from the Great Creator and considers this item a kind of “first fruits”.

As a departure from the norm, Kevin likes to play with Raku firing. An unusual Japanese type of firing which lets the flames of the firing process paint the colours onto the pots. Exploring this concept and intrigued by the fires unpredictability Kevin spent 3 years developing a technique which lets the flame create its own texture during the throwing process. These ‘Augmented’ pots as Kevin calls them are truly spectacular works of art.

When they’re not touring around to craft and art shows Kevin occasionally helps his wife Corina at her parents’ farm raising pasture fed lamb and beef, which she has developed a growing private market for. His pottery can be found at the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op. He is also an accomplished guitar player and part time astronomy buff.


Contact Information:

Earthen Vessels Pottery
523014 Glenelg Road 6
(10 min. north of Durham on Hwy. 6)
(519) 369 9941