Youth Artists in Grey/Bruce Shine!

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in Manager's Blog

Mosaic, April 2016

It is that time of the year for our youth artists in Grey Bruce to shine. April is the month of the Arts and Crafts Show VII, the eighth installment of our annul juried show for high school students.

I am knee deep in youth these days. My handsome oldest son has just passed through the gates of teenage hell and has reached young adulthood. My clever middle daughter is finishing up her high school career and my youngest son is a full-fledged teenager. Every generation is beset with new and bewildering innovations and ideas, and being young in 2016 is no exception. There is an abundance of labels tagging sexuality and wider acceptance (great). We are aware of every unfolding drama from home to Timbuktu, (medium great). And always present, throughout the ages, are the temptations of the dark side (never great except to contribute to good storytelling, thanks George Lucas). I admire all of our young ones, navigating the quagmire of the 21st century.

The Arts and Craft Juried show allows us a glimpse into the interior thoughts of our valuable young. Art has always been a reflection of the soul, from the earthy turbulence of Van Gogh to the raw intensity of Frida Kahlo. We celebrate the courage it takes to display these joys and struggles as well as the thrill of just plain creating art. Thank you to all the students who submitted work, and thank you to the art teachers of Grey Bruce for keeping art and craft current and alive. Awards will be handed out on Sunday, April 10th, and you can vote for “People’s Choice” until the end of the month.

April hosts a full slate of guest artists. Bonnie Perry brings “Woolies In The Country” into town, John White exhibits is exceptional photography, and Katharine Kennie of “Twisted Spiral” shows us her talents in transforming wood into art and craft.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Co-op through our grand move, and continues to pass through our doors into our inspiring space! And thank you to Birgit Wright for all the tasty pastries I have sampled at Birgit’s Pastry Café!