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Ruta’s interest in welding began in 1989 while working on the construction site of the (SkyDome) now Rogers Centre. The remnants of twisted rebar and metals intrigued her and prompted her to sign up for her first “Art Metal” welding class in Toronto.

Repurposing the metals destined for landfill sites has been her passion since then and West Rock Art Metal has been a magnet for her vast scrap metal collection. Reclaimed glass and Insulators add an interesting juxtaposition.

Using her plasma cutter, oxy acetylene, mig, tig and arc welders she breathes life into this discarded metal by presenting it in new ways that range from unique to awesome. Her family of sculptures is essentially a study in progress. As the pieces gradually take shape from day to day they demonstrate an ever expanding evolution of thought and application with a unique and unlikely conjoining of diverse and robust parts.

Her sculptures quickly become part of the psyche, evoking satisfaction, sometimes humour and sometimes pensive interpretation by anyone who becomes intimate with the sculptures. Each piece has its own unique personality and message, exclusive and moving in its own way.

Contact Information:

743 – 7th Avenue West
Owen Sound ON
N4K 5J8
519 376 4287