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Kelly Maw, Owen Sound – Kelly is a local acrylic artist who likes to make a big deal over the little things in nature. Inspired by the strength, vibrancy, and spirit of the many flowers Kelly captures nature’s elegance in a large way on the canvas. Her technique as a realist artist using acrylic paint displays impact and luminosity with gradual transitions of colour value and an ever watchful eye on detailing. Her effective use of colour harmonies celebrates nature in her work. Inspired by music and movement Kelly’s brush strokes flow across the canvas; focussing on the details of the essence of the subject you are led down a joyful, colourful path of discovery. Kelly is a member of Studio XX a group of artists who have been involved in many artistic charitable projects. She is a member of The Owen Sound Artists Co-op as well as The Southampton Art Gallery. Her work can be seen online at: www.kellymaw.com


Contact Information:

Kelly Maw
789 16th St E
Owen Sound, ON
Studio open by chance or appointment only
[email protected]