Infinite Glassworks was established in 2005 by glassblowers Kate Civiero and Matthew Civiero. Uniting design and function, Infinite Glassworks combines vibrant colours and fluid shapes in their signature handblown glassware.  The Infinite Glassworks studio is housed in a 90 year old rustic barn beside beautiful Eugenia Falls in Ontario.


Glass is a unique material, bearing the properties of a liquid when it’s hot, and of a solid when it’s cold.  An incredible and challenging medium, working with 2000ºF molten glass is a fast-paced, fluid process.  Unable to touch the glass while working with it, the glassblower relies on tools, heat, inflation, motion and gravity to shape the glass, all the while making split second decisions about its aesthetic outcome.  The combination of intense heat, fluidity and unpredictability of the medium is what makes working with hot glass so enthralling.


It’s fun to own beautiful things, and there is significant value in owning an object designed and made by an artist. The look and the feel of handcrafted objects enhances our interaction with them. We design objects that emphasize functionality as well as aesthetics.  Connecting  visually with a handmade object is important, but using it and interacting with it is paramount. Handmade pieces have a way of becoming intertwined in our lives; there is something inherently special about owning an original, human-made object.