Joan is probably best known as “The Pop-up Lady” as she has written a number of children’s books about making pop-up cards and crafts with boxes.

However, she has also been drawing in personal journals for thirty-eight years. Her drawings come from within and reflect inner feelings and thoughts. Over the years, some of the drawings have developed into paintings, prints, collages and cards.

Her drawings have been published in several magazines and her work has been in a number of shows.

Her books have been translated into French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Korean and Japanese.

Joan is also a retired teacher of young children in an elementary school. She often teaches workshops with children and adults. She also makes beaded jewellery and fused glass pendants.

Her work reflects whimsy, spontaneity and thoughtfulness. She is interested in the underlying energy of people and situations.

Contact Information:

484068 Cape Road
Georgian Bluffs ON
N0H 2T0