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IAS - Profile (by Irwin Seidman)Irwin Seidman | Interpretive Photography

“Having a wide range of photographic interests, Irwin eagerly explores new subjects and techniques, and strives to capture and create unique perspectives that represent the extraordinary in everyday life.”
Born in Montreal, Irwin spent most of his life living and working in Toronto. In 2005 he and his wife moved northward to the shores of Georgian Bay and have enjoyed calling Owen Sound home since.
Originally introduced to traditional film and darkroom photography in the late 1980s, a busy (and unrelated) career took him away from the camera and lens for most of the early 2000s. Fortunately in 2014 circumstances aligned and his passion was reignited.
Having acquired some digital graphic arts experience in his years away from photography made the transition to the digital photo format seem more natural, and Irwin quickly adopted and embraced the medium.
Inspired by many of the traditional photographic masters, he believes that regardless of the format, a successful image comes from the right combination and balance of image composition, capture and processing.
Irwin remains interested in exploring new places, subjects and techniques and his work will no doubt continue to evolve over time.  Viewing photography as a journey, he will continue to aim at articulating a unique artistic perspective on whatever subjects he photographs.
Contact Information:
8 Lamson Crescent, Owen Sound ON  N4K 6C1
[email protected]  |  519-270-3146