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Cynthia confidently uses bold colours; red is prominent in her paintings on canvas and paper.  The spontaneous application of paint makes her artwork easily recognizable.  Her collage work, which has incorporated maps, letters, dress patterns and Japanese papers, has evolved over the twenty-five years she has worked in this media.  Vessel shapes and other symbols have also featured repetitively resulting in a visual language that is distinctively her own.  The work evolves intuitively using a process of layering, working and reworking the surface, juxtaposing shapes and symbols interspersed with paint and iridescent medium until she is satisfied with the end result.   More recently she has been exploring a more simplified approach using colour and texture with less emphasis on collage and symbols.   Her work has been described as “a subtle blend of the conceptual and sensual” and continues to be a meeting place of the conscious and subconscious.

Cynthia is an active participant in the Grey-Bruce artistic and cultural community and her work is in private and corporate collections.  She has a Diploma of Fine Arts from Georgian Collage and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario.  She works from her post and beam studio nestled amongst the trees at the back of her downtown property in Owen Sound.

Contact Information:

273 7th Street West, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 3L3
[email protected]