Born in the United Kingdom, professional wildlife and nature photographer Carol Ann Norris currently lives in Ontario, Canada by the shores of Lake Huron.

Carol’s adventurous spirit and love of wildlife stems from her formative years when she explored the English countryside looking for wildlife to watch with her parents. After being given a camera eleven years ago she developed a passion for photography. Carol’s passion has taken her to the arctic tundra photographing polar bears, crawling across ice flows for images of harp seal pups and exploring the coastline of Alaska for thrilling images of bald eagles.

Carol captures on film the essence of the environment around her, paying particular attention to the importance of light and its key role in creating a memorable image.

Carol’s work has been published in numerous photographic and news journals. She has also won a number of international photographic competitions and awards. She had her first solo exhibition ‘Light Impressions’ in Toronto in 2000 and has been in several group shows. Eight years ago she opened her own successful gallery in Southampton, Ontario.


Contact Information:

Box 1538
Southampton ON
N0H 2L0
(519) 797 1562