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As one of Canada’s best known jewellery designers, Ann is a rare combination of artist, designer, and business lover.

“Business fascinates me because it requires such sensitivity and creativity in order to be successful. Designing is a natural extension of my love of people and my desire to please and inspire them. I find the balance and spirit I need in order to be an artist by filling my life with many other things I love: my three boys, friends, dance, music, drumming, spirituality, and the outdoors.”

Ann began her jewellery business in 1987 and is self-taught in her unique sculptural style of wire working and design. She uses sterling silver, gold-filled metal and niobium for her jewellery.

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New — Argentium Sterling Silver — with most of the copper removed, and chromium added, this wondrous new silver “vigorously resists tarnish”. I have yet to see any tarnish. What a treat for silver lovers! And this new silver is just a bit brighter than regular sterling silver at it’s brightest.
Gold-filled is a duplex material made by fusing a layer of gold to a base metal such as copper. This material is then passed through a rolling mill which hardens the gold and produces a very strong finish. This gold layer is firmly attached to the base metal. Gold-filled products have excellent wearing qualities. Gold-filled should not be confused with gold plated, which has an extremely thin layer of gold and does not have the durability of gold-filled.
Niobium is a pure metal. It was named after the Greek goddess Niobe. Canada is the source for 24% of the world’s supply of niobium. It is considered a precious metal, with a value approximating sterling silver. Termed a reactive metal, niobium creates an oxide on its surface in reaction to the environment which makes it chemically inert. For people with metal sensitivities niobium is considered to be truly hypo-allergenic — as safe as 24 karat gold. When subjected to high voltage electricity, niobium produces layers of oxide which create a range of beautiful interference colours: bronze, through purples and blues, pink, fuchsia, turquoise, and greens. These colours are permanent — they will not tarnish or fade.

Ann is delighted to be able to interact with customers at her retail store in Flesherton near the Beaver Valley, south of Georgian Bay.
“When I see the genuine delight on people’s faces and we share our lives’ wisdom, I know this is my true work.”

Contact Information:

Spirit Space Studio Gallery
18 Toronto Street (Hwy 10, south of Grey Rd 4)
P.O. Box 128
Flesherton ON
N0C 1E0
(519) 924 3000
1 888 999 6893
[email protected]