August in the Legacy Gallery: Hillcrest Village Fibreworks


Hillcrest Village Fibreworks – Cloth, Needle, Thread

This group of women was drawn together by virtue of their common interest in

exploring the creative possibilities of fibre.

Since 2006, they have organized an annual exhibit in the community of Hillcrest

Village, Toronto. These exhibits showcase the work of local artists, provide a way

of networking among them and celebrate the breadth of textile art.

Because one of their members relocated to Owen Sound, they decided to take

their show on the road!

Artists represented in this exhibit are:

•Shelly Fowler

•Gunnel Hag

•Stephanie Lever

•Janet Patterson

•Anna Payne-Krzyzanowski

•Mical Pearlman

•Pam Woodward

To acknowledge the tremendous contribution of Carolyn Flood, a dear friend and

founding member of the group who passed away in 2017, they have included

several pieces of her work in the show.

Facebook: @HillcrestVillageFibreworks

Upcoming Events

SEPTEMBER/18 – Backroad Craft Syndicate

OCTOBER/18 – The Printmakers

NOVEMBER/ 18 – Available

DECEMBER/18 – Christmas Show With Members And 2018 Guests