This Month:

Shauna Earle: Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Shauna Earle has studied Visual Art in Winnipeg and Toronto, graduating from York University in Fine Arts and the University of Manitoba in Art Education.  Shauna works with a variety of processes, discovering new relationships between media and techniques.    Her works of the last ten years explore process with encaustic painting and repurposed materials.    Shauna’s art work is inspired by the natural world and the role of chance in our lives.

MinJae: is a korean-canadian potter currently practicing at Sheridan College. He was Born and raised in South Korea and moved to Canada in 2007. He makes functional stoneware pieces. from mugs to bowls, his work is focused on creating approachable pots with a sense of humble and selflessness. 

SamiTsang: Sami uses a vocabulary of images, both personal and traditionally Chinese, to express her hopes, fears and things about her life and future. It is both a comfort and a warning; She reminds herself to be comfortable with her future self, and at the same time, she is warning herself that she will grow old and probably grouchy over time. Figurative imagery, such as the old woman and the shadowed hand invite people to look at the message she wants to send out, even though the messages might not be pleasant most of the times.

Bonnie Gardiner:I find being an artist is a life of solitude and being given the opportunity to share my work is a way to attempt to connect with others. It’s an opening of the doors to my soul and initiating an invitation to my personal world. I am happiest when I am creating. 

Jill Sosnowski: Using the technique of raw edge applique, free-motion machine stitching, and original silkscreen design, each piece is guaranteed to be unique. Designs are in the form of up-cycled wearable art with an urban flavour. With a passion for textiles in the form of wearable art, Jill finds deep freedom and satisfaction within her creativity


About The Guest Artist Program

The Guest Artist program at the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-operative is a great way participate with our group. Monthly, we host one to two artists in a dedicated spot in our gallery. This program is extremely popular and we have long waiting lists! We are hoping to accept more guests monthly in the future. When we are looking for new members, we often look at the list of past guest members.

How To Apply

Our Board of Directors juries work submitted monthly, and if the work seems to be a good fit with our establishment, a month is determined with the input of our membership member. We ask potential guest to fill out a guest artists application.   Please plan to bring work in for jurying the day of the monthly board meeting and arrange to pick up the next day. (Contact the store manager for details on the monthly date).

A good representation of your work must be submitted and appear as it would for sale and display in the store, i.e. all paintings, drawings must be titled, framed and/or glazed and ready for hanging. All work must be intended for sale. No more than 6 items please. Any relevant information regarding working methods, materials and pricing should accompany your work along with a brief artist’s biography or resume.   When choosing you pieces, think of a body of cohesive work, rather than all the different styles or disciplines you practice. Please bring work in for jurying the day of the monthly board meeting and arrange to pick up the next day.

The current percentage commission (35%) from all sales will be charged as well as a $50.00 fee ($56.50 with HST). The applicant will be notified within 3 or 4 days following the jurying process (usually by phone) and further arrangements can be made for pickup or display



2018 Guest Artist Schedule


  • Louise Moore, Oils
  • Kate Clarke, Oils
  • Brian Robin, Macro Photography


  • Jean MacDonald, Acrylic and Watercolour
  • David Aspenlieder, Mixed Media Abstract
  • Stalla Coultas, 3D Fabric Art


  • Jenny Lee Learn – Mixed Media
  • Cindie Fearnell – Photography


  • Dianne Semple Patille, Intentional Camera Movement Photography