This Month:

James Wellwood: With a BA in Fine Art and Classical Studies, James worked as an educator and designer in Toronto until 2017.  He has oils, watercolours and acrylic canvases hung in collections across the country and abroad.  In 2017 he and his partner “retired” to Grey County and reside near the village of Williamsford.

Raquell Yang: Raquell is an artist from Taiwan who is now a resident in Owen Sound. She has a Master Degree in Fine Arts and is a former university lecturer as well as a high school art teacher in Taiwan. She produces sophisticate Chinese brush paintings on which fuse modern and traditional techniques, as well as western and eastern styles. Her interpretation results in colourful, whimsical and highly creative renderings of imaginary beings

Ivan Papazov: Ivan Papazov (Vanche) developed a keen interest in fine art drawings and paintings in his home country of Bulgaria, where he attended art college. Presently, Vanche loves to create paintings using mixed media and texture, allowing him to capture the richness and character of every subject his portrays.

About The Guest Artist Program

The Guest Artist program at the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-operative is a great way participate with our group. Monthly, we host one to two artists in a dedicated spot in our gallery. This program is extremely popular and we have long waiting lists! We are hoping to accept more guests monthly in the future. When we are looking for new members, we often look at the list of past guest members.

How To Apply

Our Board of Directors juries work submitted monthly, and if the work seems to be a good fit with our establishment, a month is determined with the input of our membership member. We ask potential guest to fill out a guest artists application.   Please plan to bring work in for jurying the day of the monthly board meeting and arrange to pick up the next day. (Contact the store manager for details on the monthly date).

A good representation of your work must be submitted and appear as it would for sale and display in the store, i.e. all paintings, drawings must be titled, framed and/or glazed and ready for hanging. All work must be intended for sale. No more than 6 items please. Any relevant information regarding working methods, materials and pricing should accompany your work along with a brief artist’s biography or resume.   When choosing you pieces, think of a body of cohesive work, rather than all the different styles or disciplines you practice. Please bring work in for jurying the day of the monthly board meeting and arrange to pick up the next day.

The current percentage commission (35%) from all sales will be charged as well as a guest artist fee. Guest fees are based on the month that the work is being exhibited. JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH are $35 each. APRIL, MAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER are $50 each. JULY, AUGUST AND DECEMBER are $75 each. The applicant will be notified within 3 or 4 days following the jurying process (usually by phone) and further arrangements can be made for pickup or display


2019 Guest Artist Schedule