Grand Opening at the Artists’ Co-op!

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Manager's Blog
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We will have a ribbon cutting outside the store at on the Friday feb 5th.

Great chance for a group picture with our members! We also have VIPs invited from the city council and downtown businesses.
Some seniors that worked in the store will coming as well.

We will continue with some speeches inside with the history of the co-op (Steve Irvine), the history of the McKay building (Irwin Seidman and Joan Irvine )and the future of our co-op
( Morag) and our landlord Jeff M will also say a few words.

During the afternoon our artists will be taking turns painting a group project canvas in the window.


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Ann Wylie Toal will be hosting a jewelery ring making workshop in the evening. See poster for details.

We have been collecting artifacts from the old store for display, including the wax head mannequins that scared us as when we were kids!

Dave Hawkins will be playing some music, and Birgit will be serving up special treats in the Pastry Cafe.